Study Shows Coffee And Sweets Enhance Brain Activity

Study Shows Coffee And Sweets Enhance Brain Activity

While it’s long been known that coffee and sweets go well together, it’s not long been understood why. For many, it’s simply a tradition to stop in at the local coffee shop and grab a coffee and a sweet treat.

However, according to recent studies at the University of Barcelona, they’ve discovered that there is a neural substrate that is activated when coffee is consumed along with some form of sugar.Coffee and sweets don't just taste well, they actually work better that way

According to the study, the two substances of coffee and sugar work together to improve the cognitive performance in the brain by helping to increase the way that the brain works and functions.

This, in turn, helps to support the thought that there is a synergistic effect that works together whereby one of the substances helps by boosting the effects of the other.

Ideally, those who consume both caffeine and sugar at the same time, change how their brains function. They reduce activity in one region while boosting it in another region.

The overall result is that the cognitive portion of the brain is boosted and those who are consuming both sugar and caffeine can enjoy a boosted cognitive portion of their brains.

Studies were done in double-blind random designs, and those who were being tested had no idea if the beverage they consumed had caffeine or was caffeine free. Nor did they know if the product they ate had sugar or a sugar substitute.

According to the research, there was a direct improvement in attention spans, declarative memory, and the subjects had no altercations in their subjective states.

Thus, it was concluded that the combination of caffeine and glucose benefited the subjects in a myriad of ways including cognitive tasks, sequential reactions, and attention spans as well as verbal memory.

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Now you can understand why your body is craving sugar when you’re out to coffee. It’s a natural reaction of your brain to want to improve its cognitive ability and focus more on its ability to improve memory and cognitive ability.

It sounds like some of the coffee shops had it right all along. They knew that selling sweet treats alongside the coffee they serve would go far in helping their customers feel better about themselves and the world around them.

It didn’t take any great scientific study to show this; it was all observation. Now that you know all of this you can plan ahead to enjoy your favorite sweet treat when you go out for coffee next time. Coffee and sweet treats do indeed go together so give yourself permission to enjoy some each afternoon and see how your memory improves. You may be surprised at how great it works.

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