Petzi Cam for Dogs and Cats

Petzi Cam for Dogs and Cats

Hi there, just wanted to post something interesting.

Since a few weeks we are now using a new Pet gadget in the house. It’s the Treat Cam from Petzilla and it allows you to check up on your favorite animals from anywhere in the world with your smartphone.

Now I am not that technical so I was having some issues with setting the whole thing up. But once we got it rolling it was fantastic. I have a pretty busy life and I still want to enjoy having pets when I get home. It just makes me so happy. Leaving them alone has always been a problem with getting the neighbors to check up on them.


How a simple device like the Petzi Treat Camera can help your pets

Now I can log into the Petzi Treat Cam with my smartphone and see what is going on in the house. The view quality is very good and I can even distinguish a lot when it’s not that light in the house. This is especially good to ease my conscious when I am worried about my cute labradoodle.

Then it’s possible to speak through a microphone. This feature took some getting used to as Donnie and Babe first didn’t recognize where my voice was coming from. The got very confused and starting looking around the room for me. After a few days they were no longer upset and clearly understood where to look. And that is mostly due to the best part of this device: it allows you to throw cookies at your pets.

Of course you need to load them first and you have to make sure that they actually fit in there. But once loaded you can dispense a treat at the push of a button – when miles away in your office. This automatically changes how your pets look at the Petzi Treat Cam. First they treat it as some kind of alien thing, but once they receive a cookie from it, everything changes. Now it’s the most important part of the house. Next to their bed of course.

I have been having a ton of fun with this device. Instead of checking facebook or instagram I can now log into my house and see my doggies, talk a bit to them and give them a few cookies. This is a very cool piece of technology.

If you want to read more about it, check the article on

Have a good one!

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